This Knife Maker Reveals the Top Secret to Getting a Sharp Knife Edge


Survivalists know that taking good care of their knives is key to making them last longer. That's why we disinfect each knife and store it in the appropriate case.

We also sharpen our knives on a regular basis or as needed. You probably already know the basics of knife sharpening, but we got a few more useful tricks to help you improve your sharpening skills.

How do you know you've successfully sharpened a knife? When it's got a super sharp edge.

Let's find out how you can improve your sharpening skills by checking out the next page.

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  1. Brentan Llewellyn said:

    Really want to know how to best my US army machete, and my brand new, gerber LM2.
    But those pages are poison.
    Stop linking me to poison.
    Or ill kiss you and make you sick.

  2. John Lara said:

    I worked in the grocery business for 21 years and had quite a few butchers show me different styles over the years. I can get blades sharper than a razor.

  3. Michael Watts said:

    He best way to sharpen is use a stone or diamond hone then use a leather strope. If edge is real bad a quick brush on a grinder or belt sander never hurts

  4. Cliff Caro said:

    I get it though, the angle of the dangle is proportionate to the heat of the meat. I can’t seem to pull it off FFS. I could have enchanted vorpal steel forged by Hatori Hanzo Himself and….$#%&!@*though, I have to swipe the other way just as many times? This some kind of rub your belly and pat your head, SWITCH BAIT. I admire the ninja that can do this, and I pay them well.