(Video) How to Go About Throwing a Knife Russian Army Style


We have all seen in the movies when the good guy stops a bad guy when all of a sudden a well-placed knife gets thrown. In most cases, it looks effortless but it can also be lethal.

Unfortunately, Hollywood movies are just fantasies and the reality is that knife throwing is a bit of an art. For most, it can only be perfected by practicing a lot.

While its use in a survival situation is minimal, it's still an important skill to learn.

As with your firearm, it is unlikely you will ever have to utilize a knife in a defensive or offensive manner, however, having the skill of knife throwing is another way to ensure you are prepared for the chaos of Doomsday.

On the next page view a video where a man will demonstrate the basics of knife throwing — Russian army style. It's pretty incredible!

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  1. John Cormia said:

    Why on earth would you toss a knife and not keep it in hand????

  2. Greg Cutter said:

    You have been watching too many cheesy martial arts movies. ..throwing a knife into wood is fun but you’d have to be superman to get it to stick into a body especially if that body has a jacket on

  3. Storm Claypoole said:

    Because I have 5 more on me. Na just messing around. Even if you had extra knives, you are tossing a valuable tool away, and possibly even giving it to your enemy.

  4. Leon Wake said:

    My dad taught me as a kid. Never had too much joy with “throwing” knives though. I prefer a dagger or heavier fixed blade.
    Heaps of fun.

  5. Randy Elsbury said:

    why throw away a defensive weapon , you might want to hang on to it and learn how to defend yourself in a knife fight , or carry a 44