Something Unbelievable Happened in Florida After the Alaska Earthquake: Well Water Levels Changed

earthquake rattles wells

Mother nature is an amazing thing. Heavy rainstorms can cause massive flooding, earthquakes can lead to devastation and in some areas earthquakes can cause tsunamis, and the list goes on.

Most of us realize that a natural disaster can take place anytime. Depending on the area a person lives in a person should think about what disaster they may encounter. For example, recently Alaska had a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. It took place in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to a concern of a potential tsunami. A warning was issued for Alaska and most of the west coast but luckily one did not take place.

It's unbelievable to consider what type of side effects develop from natural disasters. It should be a sign to use showing us that we're never really safe and we must and should be prepared. That means keeping an earthquake survival kit in a car and understanding what actions to take and where to go if a tsunami or any other type of natural disaster happens.

When the earthquake in Alaska happened something extraordinary took place thousands of miles away. Find out what happened and why this is another sign that we must always be prepared on the next page.

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  1. James Rogers said:

    I’ll just save you some time. Water level gone up .25 of an inch in people’s wells.

  2. Justin Douglas said:

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  4. Jeff Declue said:

    Mantle displacement, watch yellow stone if it seam to go down run run run

  5. Evan Klein said:

    Everyone knows the earth is FLAT , the earthquake erupted on a flat surface

  6. Shawn Million said:

    I hate that when I’m trying to read an article on ur page and an ad covers the article with no way to close unless u click on it.

  7. Ronnie Frazier said:

    So it rained in Florida. An wells rose .25 inch wow. Wtf got to do with Alaska

  8. Brett Carlson said:

    You sure know how to turn a simple one paragraph story into a dam book.

  9. Douglas Perry said:

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