If a Person Notices Any of These Signs It’s Time to Bug Out


Getting ready for a collapse is important – it's not only vital to have a plan in place and a bug out location set up, but it's also just as important to have a plan set up for friends and family. Even then, when we think we're all set, going through an actual collapse will be something altogether.

Just think about the Hawaii residents who had a scary wake-up call when a disturbed employee transmitted a cell phone message. Everyone for around 45 minutes went through the motions of believing they were going to die before they found out it was all a mistake.

If this event would have really taken place, the likelihood of anyone surviving would have been slim. However, one thing did come out of this horrific nightmare – people began to think about how to better prepare for a survival scenario. They began asking themselves, how do you know when it's time to bug out for a survival scenario?

Sometimes there are apparent signs that a collapse is imminent, such as if there's an attack on our nation or a natural disaster happens. When that happens it's important to consider getting out of dodge ASAP. Sometimes there are signs that aren't that obvious, but we should still remain vigilant.

After the break learn about what some of the signs to look out for so a person will know without any uncertainty when it's time to hit the road. Some of these signs make sense whereas others aren't as obvious.

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