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Safeguard Your Pets In a Disaster: A Step-By-Step Guide

Safeguard Your Pets In a Disaster: A Step-By-Step Guide

At Dir Hard Survivor, we strive to prepare ourselves and those around us for emergency situations, natural disasters and unforeseen occurrence be cause we understand the importance of having options, the assurance that planning can provide, and ultimately the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. But for many of us, our families come in

Preparing for an Earthquake: The Survivalist Way

If you’ve ever been caught in an earthquake, you’ll never forget it. There is something disarming about the earth moving under your feet and not knowing: how intense it will get, how long it will last, and if anything or anything will get hurt from it. In the 90’s, California experienced this fear 10-fold when

[VIDEO] 101 EPIC Uses for a Bandana

People have been wearing and using bandanas for years. We have a variety of bandanas around out home and office in various patterns, colors and stages of life. Some are falling apart because we’ve had them for so long. Others still have the sale tag on them. But at the end of the day, we

[Video] Easy to Make PVC Pipe Fishing Rod!

As a survivalist, you should be prepared and equipped to feed yourself and/or your family. Sure it’s great to have the necessary essentials to go fishing when you had a mapped out plan of your camping or fishing trip. But what about a scenario that you hadn’t planned? A situation that you hadn’t anticipated. What

3 Awesome Step-by-Step Tips for Emergency Survival

We have all seen those horrible, nightmarish clips on the evening news of the havoc brought on by a natural disaster. These storms are huge and powerful and often come without much warning. Unfortunately there is no way to predict them or to know just how much damage they will cause. The best thing any of us

Doomsday Asteroid Discovery!

When I read online that an ancient asteroid was recently (as in, just a few days ago) discovered in Australia my eyes bugged out like two giant saucers. How many of these are laying around undetected by researchers? Call me a nerd, but I find this kind of thing absolutely fascinating. How old is ancient? How