Safeguard Your Pets In a Disaster: A Step-By-Step Guide

At Dir Hard Survivor, we strive to prepare ourselves and those around us for emergency situations, natural disasters and unforeseen occurrence be cause we understand the importance of having options, the assurance that planning can provide, and ultimately the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. But for many of us, our families come in all shapes and sizes. And those alternate shapes and sizes most commonly come in the form of four legged friends. Whether they're cats, dogs, ferrets or gerbils – they're ours and we love them. So with that in mind, we want to ensure that our safety and preparation plans incorporate a separate section specifically for our pets.

You might have survival food stored for you and your family that includes canned products and long shelf-life snacks to sustain you. But what about your animals? A lot of people think they can just eat human food, but there are many things humans eat daily that can be lethal for dog and cat consumption.

On page 2 we're going to discuss how you can include your pets in your disaster plan to make sure they survive along with you and your family!


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