ATTENTION Survivalists: 3 Stupidly Easy Knots for a Tarp Shelter

By now you probably know the importance of knots and how they can help you in a variety of situations. Some knots come in handy when sailing, others are best used when camping or when you're out scaling mountains in Aspen. But there are 2 highly critical points you must know before you do anything with knots. And they are: 1.) understand which knots are applicable to the situation you're in, 2.) practice those knots to perfection.

The reason #2 is so important? Because people often think they know how to do something, but unless they're being completely regularly, they forget. And that's not a bad thing, its human nature. We are programmed to remember things we do frequently. But if it's been 6 months since you've picked up some rope and you have a camping trip this weekend with your family, well… we recommend that you stretch those fingers, grab some rope or ties you have laying around and give it a whirl before you're in the middle of nowhere with no YouTube videos to help you out.

On the next page, we're going to teach you 3 stupidly easy knots for a tarp shelter. You need to have these fail proof items in your arsenal of tips and tricks. Trust us. 


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