EMERGENCY First Aid: Do You Know What to Do In These Scenarios?

Have you ever been in an emergency situation, full of high tension and the need for urgency, and you didn't know what to do? Many of us have the first instinct to dial 911 for help. And that is ideally what should be done in the event of an emergency. But there are times when professional emergency personnel are not immediately available. When this happens, the person in need of medical attention is relying of the people around them to assist. And many of these situations can be life or death. So try to imagine this situation – can you visualize it? Your adrenaline is pumping, someone is crying out for help, no one around is able to assist (because they don't know how) …and there you are.

What Do You Do?

None of us want a situation like the one described above to happen to us. But if you watch the news or read about it in the newspaper or online, you know disasters strike every day. And more times than not, the first responders are often the heroes of the situation. Not to say we want to be heroes, but if it means saving someones life or helping out in a bad decision, most of us would be willing to accept whatever title falls in our laps thereafter. So again… what do you do? Simple: You prepare.

On page 2 we will give you a scenario along with a solution for how you should handle the situation. Will you know what to do?


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