EMERGENCY First Aid: Do You Know What to Do In These Scenarios?


Disclosure: The people at Die Hard Survivor are not trained medical professionals. However the instructions provided on the following pages can serve as valuable information in the event of an emergency. Use them at your own discretion.

Scenario #1: A cut or a surface wound

A Way to Stop bleeding and Close wounds:

  • Duct Tape – Yes, duct tape. It can be a life saver when dealing with a cut or wound where medical help may be too far off to quickly reach. Duct tape can quickly and safely pull together an open wound, and can buy you time until you can reach medical help.
  • Butterfly Sutures – Another great way to close up small wounds is to use something know as a butterfly suture. These types of adhesive strips pull the edges of a small cut together in the same way as a doctor’s sutures.

When using duct tape or butterfly sutures to close a wound. Carefully clean the wound and wash out any foreign materials or debris. If you have some sort of antiseptic, apply it to the wound and dry the area.

Great information to know, since surface wounds are very common during emergency situations. Continue on to page 3 for Scenario # 2

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