SHTF: Why It’s Important to Make an Emergency Communication Plan

When disaster strikes, do you have a communication plan? A strategy that you and everyone in your home is actively aware of and fully on board to participate in?

Planning for the inevitable. That's what most of us survivalists do. We've got our Bug-Out-Bag stocked up and ready for use. Our garage and pantry is all prepped so we can eat for a few months if the situations calls for it. Generators? Got em! First Aid? Check! We're confident many of you have the same stock pile of items on the ready in case mother nature decides today is the day to change things up and throws us a curve ball. But for the most part, you're probably feeling pretty square with everything you have acquired and built thus far to tackle the unknown. And if that's the case, high fives all around. That's the way it should be. But have you thought about your communication plan? Is everyone in your household on board and as prepared and ready as you are?

Today's post focuses on just that. On page 2, check out this Effective Emergency Communication Plan for when Sh*t Hits the Fan. 


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