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SHTF: Why It’s Important to Make an Emergency Communication Plan

SHTF: Why It’s Important to Make an Emergency Communication Plan

When disaster strikes, do you have a communication plan? A strategy that you and everyone in your home is actively aware of and fully on board to participate in? Planning for the inevitable. That’s what most of us survivalists do. We’ve got our Bug-Out-Bag stocked up and ready for use. Our garage and pantry is

4 Essential Knots You NEED to Know Now!

Some may want to know why learning knot techniques is important. And that’s understandable! So let’s give you a scenario: You’re mountain climbing over the weekend with some friends, because… hey, you’re an outdoorsy kind of person and you enjoy the adrenalin rush of adventure! Chances are if you’re climbing a mountain you’re not terrified of

5 Badass DIY Survivalist Weapons

Whether you’re a weapon enthusiast and own a your own weaponry museum, or you simply appreciate the skill it takes to properly use one, this list of badass DIY survivalist weapons is easy to follow and yields awesome rewards! Being prepared and ready for danger or potential emergencies is vital. But not all situations are

Simple Survivalist Debris Hut: A Step-By-Step Guide

Time and unforeseen occurrence may place us in situations we did not anticipate. Having the knowledge and skillset to pull from in said occurrences will separate the strong from the weak. And in today’s post, we’re going to show you a simple, step-by-step guide to building a survivalist hut from debris. Normally, if you’re experiencing

10 EXCELLENT Foods to Have In an Emergency!

Storm watch. Tornadoes! Hurricanes and floods. Earthquakes. Regardless of the type of natural disaster that hits you or your family, one thing is certain: You need to survive it! What is something each and every one of us does each and every day? We consume food. But what happens if there are power outages, or you’re unable

10 Awesome Alternate Uses For Duct Tape

Duct tape can come in handy in so many situations, its difficult to count. But recently we’ve discovered new and exciting ways to utilize this superman strength adhesive and it made us wonder just how many ways it can be used. We’ve seen wallets made from it, sofas covered in it, and make-shift band-aids fashioned

5 GREAT Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Chances are you already have a bottle (or two) of hydrogen peroxide sitting in your medicine cabinet at home. I have 3 bottles and I’m not entirely sure why. But up until today I only used it for two things. 1.) Acne – If you suffer from the occasional breakout, I highly recommend hydrogen peroxide.

Super Simple DIY Emergency Preparation Kit

  When you were growing up, did your parents ever turn your garage into a massive earthquake-proof bunker? No? Oh ok… I guess that was just my family. Either way, I think we can all agree that being prepared for emergencies is a good thing. We all hope disaster will magically skip over us, but realistically we know