5 Badass DIY Survivalist Weapons

Whether you're a weapon enthusiast and own a your own weaponry museum, or you simply appreciate the skill it takes to properly use one, this list of badass DIY survivalist weapons is easy to follow and yields awesome rewards!

Being prepared and ready for danger or potential emergencies is vital. But not all situations are ideal and now always will you have your case of guns/knives/spears available for your use. And if/when those situations happen, what would you do? Sure you can use your bare hands. But why not take it a step further and learn the proper preparation for survival tools! Many of these badass DIY survivalist weapons can be made by using supplies in your backyard or garage. And chances are, if you don't have what you need at your disposal, you can pick it up at your local store for pennies on the dollar.

On page 2, we'll show you how to make something that would make Robin Hood jealous. Continue reading for the instructions as well as other cool weapons you can make at home!


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