10 Awesome Alternate Uses For Duct Tape

Duct tape can come in handy in so many situations, its difficult to count. But recently we've discovered new and exciting ways to utilize this superman strength adhesive and it made us wonder just how many ways it can be used. We've seen wallets made from it, sofas covered in it, and make-shift band-aids fashioned out of this (traditionally) grey matter. But there is much MUCH more than can be done with a roll of duct tape and we're going to go over them one by one.

On another note, we recently went to our local hardware store and identified something very cool and new! Duct tape….. in ENDLESS colors and patterns. Pink, yellow, blue, green, polka dot, leopard print, tiger print, faux leather… it was incredible! Now, we're not sure when neon orange or crocodile print would ever be necessary for a survivalist. But we've seen some pretty boring looking kits over the years, so maybe its time to add a little flair to yours. It will stand out in a crowd, THAT'S for sure.

On page 2 you'll see some incredible ways to use duct tape! Check 'em out!


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  2. Michael Andrew said:

    If you have a machete or anything else that has a sheath (or doesn’t have one and should) duct tape makes good reinforcement for a already made sheath, or with a little bit of cardboard, make your own.