10 Awesome Alternate Uses For Duct Tape


Repair a tent:   You open your tent at the campsite and oops — a little tear. No problem as long as you’ve brought your duct tape along. Cover the hole with a patch; for double protection mirror the patch inside the tent. You’ll keep insects and weather where they belong.

Make a rope: Twist one or several lengths of duct tape into a cord or rope. Of course paracord would be a lot better and you do have some of that, right?)

Hold the feathers in your sleeping bag: If you have a hole in your down sleeping bag, you can patch the hole with duct tape.  No more feathers flying out all over the place.

Reseal packages of food:  Use duct tape to seal up partially opened packages of food.  Fold over the top of the package and seal it tight with a piece of duct tape. Works for cans, too.  Simply fashion a lid out of duct tape.

Hold your tent closed: A damaged zipper could leave your tent door flapping in the wind. Stick the door shut, and keep the bugs and critters out.

The tip for holding in feathers to your sleeping bag (or down comforter, depending on how you camp), is a great idea . I typically have a sewing kit on hand, but that takes too much time! Especially when you're camping. Handle the tedious stuff when you're home!

So far we're loving this highlighted list from Back Door Survival! Move on to page 3 to see more tips and tricks for your duct tape roll.

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  2. Michael Andrew said:

    If you have a machete or anything else that has a sheath (or doesn’t have one and should) duct tape makes good reinforcement for a already made sheath, or with a little bit of cardboard, make your own.