5 GREAT Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Chances are you already have a bottle (or two) of hydrogen peroxide sitting in your medicine cabinet at home. I have 3 bottles and I'm not entirely sure why. But up until today I only used it for two things. 1.) Acne – If you suffer from the occasional breakout, I highly recommend hydrogen peroxide. Add some to a cotton ball and apply liberally to your skin. I use this in place of those astringent you see advertised on TV. You know, the ones featuring smiling girls with radiant skin, laughing and giggling as they wash their faces. They're probably laughing because they're marketing a product they've never had to use.. because their skin is flawless. But I digress. Rather than use those powerful astringents, I stick to hydrogen peroxide on my face and neck. 2.) Bleaching/Whitening my nails. Whether you're a guy or a girl, having whitened nails always looks clean and nice. And it's not time consuming at all. Simply put some hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl and soak 'em for about 5 minutes. Rinse your bowl out afterwards, wash your hands with soap and check out those pearly white digits. Not bad, huh?

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