10 EXCELLENT Foods to Have In an Emergency!

Storm watch. Tornadoes! Hurricanes and floods. Earthquakes. Regardless of the type of natural disaster that hits you or your family, one thing is certain: You need to survive it! What is something each and every one of us does each and every day? We consume food. But what happens if there are power outages, or you're unable to get to a store? Don't let panic creep in and set the stage for a secondary disaster. With this simple and inexpensive list of food products, essential for every home in America, you will find yourself crossing one very important thing off your survivalist list: Food!

Remember, if your electricity goes out, you won't have the luxuries associated with the refrigerator: Ice cubes, cold meats (for sanitation purposes), and chilled dairy products. Milk and cheese can only last for so long outside the confines of a cold environment. What can you do?

Check out page 2 for a list of survivor foods that are EXCELLENT during short-term disasters!


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  1. davd said:

    I would also recommend dried rice and beans. These are packed with energy and can store for quite a long time.

    • diehardsurvivor said:

      Thanks David – you’re absolutely right. Rice and beans are an excellent source of protein and energy. Great suggestion!

      • Shannon said:

        I have large sacks of rice and beans in my emergency pantry. I’m concerned about the amount of fuel it takes to prepare these…. funny the Ramen never occurred to me. Boil some water and it’s done. Good call.

  2. Jillikin said:

    Any canned meats, chicken, corned beef, spam 😉

    • diehardsurvivor said:

      Corned beef – that’s a great recommendation!

  3. Cheryl Burris said:

    Any dried pasta. Bottled waters
    Root vegetables., which can be rotated every month or so and replenished

    • diehardsurvivor said:

      These are all excellent suggestions. Thanks, Cheryl!

  4. maria monte said:

    dried fruits.

  5. Mary Jo Anhalt said:

    The LDS Church has been advocating having a two-year supply of food, and 2 weeks (including water ) in case of emergency, for at least the past 60 years. Emergency Essentials has a pretty good catalog.

  6. Donald Carson said:

    public library is your greatest resource; maps to travel un-noticed throughout sewer system to access your resources. high grrade pet food # 1 on my can goods list at distributers..

  7. William Sills said:

    They say Everyone likes Ramen- Well not this guy. For the same money I can stock up on Angle hair pasta that will cook in the temped water from a coffee pot. The difference between the two is better nutrition and the pasta is good cold the next day. Just add a tad of Apple cider vinegar peas and what ever else you like. 😉

  8. Jerry Fredricks said:

    Finally! A page that tells me who to hate AND what to eat!
    Facebook one stop shopping!