[VIDEO] Survivalist Guide for New Survivalists! (10 Must Haves)

If you're new to the survivalist culture, you're probably missing some key elements that will help get you prepared unknown situations. One of the basic fundamentals preached by most survivalist is that you always want to be prepared. True survivalists look for challenges and new “worse case scenarios” to ensure their prepping game is up to par. But before you start thinking of every possible outcome, take a step back and ask yourself if you have the essentials necessary for a beginner. If you don't, its alright. Survivalists as a whole enjoy passing their knowledge on to help others so they too can be prepared. Once you learn something useful, it is generally appreciated that you do the same. The more educated people we have in the world, the better it will be when situations outside our control come to light.

Today we have a great video that will cover everything someone new to prepping will need. Again, this is just scratching the surface, but we all need to start somewhere. Go to page 2 to watch!


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