Something Shocking Can Happen After a Significant Earthquake: Well Water Levels Can Change Thousands of Miles Away

earthquake rattles wells

Mother nature is an incredible thing. Heavy rainstorms can lead to massive flooding, earthquakes can cause devastation and in some areas earthquakes can also lead to tsunamis, and the list goes on.

Many of us know that a natural disaster can strike at any time. Depending on the area you live in you should know what type of disaster you may be susceptible too. For example, recently Alaska experienced a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that specifically took place in the Gulf of Alaska. People were concerned when a tsunami warning was ushered for Alaska and the west coast, but luckily one did not develop.

It's crazy what type of side effects develop from natural disasters. It's a warning to us that we're never really safe and we must always be prepared. That means having an earthquake survival kit in your car and knowing what actions to take and where to flee in the event of a tsunami or any type of natural disaster evacuation.

When the 7.9 Alaska earthquake took place something extraordinary took place thousands of miles away, which is a reminder that we must always be prepared. Find out what took place after the break – I still can't believe it myself!

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