Military Veteran Who Lives Completely Off the Grid Was Told to LEAVE His Land

old cabin

Living off the grid is something that many people dream about, and this is especially true if the cost of living continues to rise.

While many preppers look forward to developing land to live off the grid and potentially survive at during a survival situation, there are still many people who also live at their off-grid homestead all year round.

For people who choose to live off-grid indefinitely their cost of living is a lot less than what they would be spending on a home in a desirable neighborhood.

Unfortunately, some people who desire to live off grid run into problems. Many government officials have started cracking down on this growing trend. They have begun to fine people who do not utilize power and water in their homes and have also gone so far as to put people in jail and evict them from their homes. And all of this is because these people aren't living their lives like everyone else does.

Tyler Truitt, who is a former Marine, unfortunately, had to learn this the hard way.

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  1. William Rembowski said:

    This is very misleading. He tried to live in a broke down trailer on zoned property in the city limits. They are well within their rights to enforce ordinances.

  2. Lori Bres said:

    You can’t live completely off grid on 2 acres. He’s put a mobile home (not a cabin like the picture) in a community that is zoned for no mobile homes. He needs to move farther out, where he can get more land and not have the zoning regulations. He had to have been told the zoning when he bought because it is required to be in the sales paperwork.

  3. Lynda Goodwin Lapine said:

    If you know it’s going to be against ordinances then why build there? You can hook up but there’s no law that says you have to use those utilities.

  4. Jesse McCann said:

    that..then is the problem..zoning requirements..why is it okay for someone okay to buy land only to be told how their structure has to look…who cares..if your not living values? not likely..more timea than not its people who just want who are vain and want to seem relavent to what they own or their status in life…poor souls..

  5. Chris Brown said:

    There’s a difference between living off the grid and living in a run down trailer in town with no utilities

  6. Tamara Bell said:

    The government needs to let people live on the grid like they want

  7. Marilyn J Hinkle said:

    That’s just wrong. Y can’t they just leave ppl alone. Its so sad how they just steal and rob ppl. And they can get away with it. I do believe in karma and everyone gets theirs. The Lord will have the last say in everything.

  8. Kip Cudd said:

    Definitely should have made sure there was no restrictions before he purchased property.

  9. Thomas Manse said:

    It’s a trailer not a cabin. Still, it’s a product that no one should be forced to buy. Let them connect and just stop paying the bill. After a few months they’ll stop providing it.

  10. Thomas Manse said:

    Unfortunately in city limits you get more stupid rules. The number of acres is irrelevant you can live without utilities in a zero lot line if your property isn’t stolen by local government to fund even more nanny state bullying. He would however be more free further into county where no one gives a crap what you’re doing.

  11. Thomas Manse said:

    So it’s only off grid if you don’t have neighbors near by? He has power, this story is old, he has solar and a cistern, not exactly without utilities, just not buying them from local government.

  12. Michael Mullins said:

    A man should be able to live on his own land the way he wants to live. If that means going to solar or other means of electricity then so be it. Big Brother or any State,County,or City should not be able to tell you how to live. Well water, Septic tank, Trash Disposal, all done to “code”. GET OFF MY LAND!!

  13. Rob Wright said:

    Why live under a government that don’t allow you to live a free life, that’s just dumb, your land your life who the hell has the right to tell you how to live it.

  14. Lynda Goodwin Lapine said:

    Rob Wright , the town in which you live does. Besides, we all pay property taxes to those towns and communities, don’t we? You can choose to live elsewhere.

  15. Jeremy Nance said:

    215 years!!! So I know just vote more!! Doing the same thing the same way over and over while expecting different results has certainly worked out well so far!!!

  16. Terry Henderson said:

    I’d rather be dead than putting up with unjust country anyhow.$#%&!@*this kind of$#%&!@*

  17. Matt Schultz said:

    They are paying more attention because governments abhor the thought of independent citizens that they have no way of controlling or oppressing them.

  18. Cliff Baldwin said:

    Not right for no one do that to a person !!!
    And is a community way !!!!!!!!!!