Man Dug Up His Cache a Year After Burying It. Find Out How His Supplies Fared!

It's fairly common for someone to have a survival stash that's ready to go for a disaster. Whether it's stored in a bunker or buried under the ground, we all must be ready to go at a moment's notice when a disaster strikes. It's also important to make sure supplies are edible and can be used during a collapse. That means replacing and regularly checking up on supplies.

On man on YouTube decided to put his bug out supplies to the test by burying them underground for a year. He did this to test and see how long they would last, which is an excellent way to learn what to pack. After a year he decided to dig up his stash to see how everything looked.

When we get a glimpse of his supplies, a few things are quite surprising! For anyone who needs some pointers as to how to keep a cache in excellent shape, then you'll surely appreciate this video.

After the break check out the video and discovers what happens when this prepper unburies his cache.

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