(Video) What He Makes With Paracord, a Caribiner, and Other Gear Belongs in Every Bug Out Bag

Many of us prefer to be prepared with the proper gear for a wilderness trek, but the truth is all of that protective gear and everyday gear can weigh a person down. It gets cumbersome after a while. It's much easier to carry smaller pieces of gear and the more compact it is, the better.

However, that's not always feasible, which makes it really challenging to get a bug out bag or pack just right. It takes a lot of consolidating, careful consideration and figuring out what are the most important supplies. That may also vary from person to person.

Even though it's challenging, however, there are still some techniques you can apply to make something more compact and portable. One of those survival items happens to be made on the video on the next page.

If you're desiring to have a way to be prepared at a moment's notice and have it be compact, then it's your lucky day. There's a clever design that'll help you carry around multiple pieces of equipment for survival after the break.

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