He Finds an Incredible Way to Charge His Car Battery Using THIS Clever Technique

charging a car battery

Charging a car battery sounds like a simple task, but sometimes it can be a lot more complex. In fact, that's why many of us don't charge our own car batteries, but many people who are preparing for a collapse know that this is a skill we should learn how to do on our own.

After all, how should we handle a situation if we're suddenly stranded with our car and don't know how to charge the car battery? That's why it's important to learn how to do just that.

There is a well-known standard way to charge or restart a car battery. First, find out what type of car battery you have — it could be a Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery or wet cell battery, for example.

After determining what type of battery charger is needed it's ideal to keep the charger in the back of your vehicle. However, not everything keeps a car charger in the back of their vehicle and during a collapse it may not be possible to find one.

If that happens there's something else you can use, and it's quite unconventional, but it works! Hey, you never know what type of solutions you're going to have to come up with during a collapse and this is just one clever example to add to your skill set.

Check out the video on next page to see what one man does to charge his battery  — it will blow your mind!

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  1. Derek Smith said:

    If you aint got cables or jump pack whats the odds of having tools

  2. Sam Wyatt said:

    Piss on that just have an extra battery problem solved lol

  3. Barry Giles said:

    THIS clever technique is called an alternator. That’s what they do.

  4. Sonny Jobe said:

    Well, it the battery is down and it won’t start. May get it charged up enough to crank the car.

  5. Dan Morris said:

    Why do all ur posts waffle for so long with out saying anything. Just put vid up its so annoying trawling through the crap