(Video) He Finds an Incredible Way to Charge His Car Battery. The Tool He Uses? My Mind is Blown!

charging a car battery

You can charge your car battery with a chainsaw- who knew? This is pretty crazy, yet cool! Check out the following video to see how it's done.

Sometimes the most genius ideas come from moments of urgency and this cool trick is sure to inspire you to try useful hacks of your own. I would have never thought you could charge your car with a chainsaw, but sometimes the most bizarre methods will do the trick!


  1. Richard Revis said:

    You can wrap para cord around it and pull it several times to get a car started.

  2. Bryan Smith said:

    I’ll bet he was ecstatic with the way he dealt with that situation and probably ended up getting a charge out of it !!!

  3. Zakk Skiles said:

    I don’t think this would work unless the alternator was self exciting some actually need power from the battery to charge

  4. Patrick Sickel said:

    As awesome as this is, I don’t see a situation where I have a chainsaw but not jumper cables and another car. I guess you never know though haha

  5. Robert Bourne said:

    The problem is an alternate must have power to is fields to work 9v or more constant on one and duty cycled on the other. No power no charging will happen. However if you have a generator this will work.

  6. Sandra Banks said:

    Yes, who knew that the alternators purpose was to charge the cars battery

  7. Martin Benton said:

    I cut fire wood off and on all year long. I don’t always carry a saw, but it would be handy to know when I do.

  8. Anonymous said:

    I thought it was a must have, just in case of a zombie attack.

  9. William Trailor said:

    I carry one in my truck at least all winter long. Never know when a tree might end up uprooted on my way home, id rather spend 20 minutes sawing on a log over backtracking an hour and then driving an hour down another highway to get home.

  10. Daniel Thompson said:

    Amazing….. an alternator that is literally used to charge a battery in a car. Mind blown!!!

  11. Erik Zenda said:

    Ok, but MOST people don’t carry one. More likely would have a booster pack anyway.

  12. Patrick Struebing said:

    Really? This is a survivalist page but the opening line is “most of us opt to have our batteries changed by a professional.” If you cant change a battery you probably wont survive SHTF.

  13. David Gabriel said:

    Well it’s an idea folks if nothing else creativity is what keeps you alive

  14. Michael Costner said:

    Genius… until you don’t have enough tension on the belt and it flies off in your face. Do we have the follow-up video on how to perform reconstructive surgery using parts from the chainsaw, various crap from the center console and glove box, and other ridiculous items that most people won’t have readily available in their vehicles?