A Sustainable Septic System Everyone Should Consider for Survival

septic tank

One area of survival preparation that's easy to overlook is sewage and sewage disposal. This is actually odd because every single one of us needs a way to dispose of sewage every day we are living. Since we're not bears the areas we can dispose of sewage tends to be limited — mainly a toilet and restroom.

The truth is that reality will not change during a survival situation — we will still have to go to the bathroom except what we produce will need to go elsewhere. In many survival situations, sewerage systems are compromised and traditional septic tanks do not have a long shelf life.

Now, thanks to a City in Brazil, a new, sustainable sewage system is ideal for preppers during a survival situation or homesteaders as a backup system. If the sewage system gets compromised this backup system is available!

This clever sewage system utilized tires and gravel and that's not all. After the break learn about what materials and instructions are needed on how to create a backup sewage system for your homestead.

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