(Video) Woman Lives in Drafty Old ’93 RV That Has Zero Insulation. She Shows Us How She Stays Warm When It’s Freezing

how to stay warm in an RV

When we're dealing with cold temps we have to get creative on how to get warm, at least, if a heater isn't an option. If we happen to live in an area where heat is challenging or are bugging out in a remote area or are living in an RV, it's time to be creative.

People who live in shelters in the wilderness constantly have to battle the cold. Dealing with low temperatures isn't fun, but there's a lot we can learn from them as to how they make it work. Many people think of creating a fire, but sometimes that's not even possible.

On the video on the next page there's a woman who talks about her experience of living out of her RV while bugging out. She shows us how she prepared for the snow and freezing temps — in an uninsulated RV. Her survival story is rather inspiring.

How she chooses to be resourceful is incredible and reminds us that no matter the situation we're in, if we put our mind to it figuring out a solution is possible, even while battling cold weather.

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  1. Mike Floyd said:

    Eating beans and farting is not a viable way to stay warm in a cold RV.