(Video) Woman Lives in Drafty Old ’93 RV That Has Zero Insulation. See How She Stays Warm When It’s Freezing

how to stay warm in an RV

Carolyn may not live a glamorous life but she is certainly living a full life! She may have to do without some of the things we all know and love but she is living free, if a little coolly, on the open road – in her RV. Watch as she shows us how to keep warm when the weather outside is biting!

What we found most interesting was the information on frozen and broken pipes. The insulation on the inside of the camper made complete sense and is manageable but we can clearly see us not thinking about the RV’s pipes, the toilet, and everything that can go wrong if you do not empty them out when you realize they need attention!

Something as simple as keeping a couple pitchers of water handy for the AM coffee and flush is enough to keep an average person going until the day warms. Again, this is simple common sense and will make RV and a self-sufficient life simpler.

It may seem bare bones but it is tips like this that can keep a survivor going even when matters seem to be at their worst!

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