(Video) Woman Lives in Drafty Old ’93 RV That Has Zero Insulation. See How She Stays Warm When It’s Freezing

how to stay warm in an RV

When we are cold we do what we need to get warm. For most, that means turning up the heat in their apartment or house. But what if we are living in an area where that is not so easy? Let’s say a hand-wrought bug-out home or an RV?

People who have been living in such shelters have had to face this issue, living in an unheated shelter, during unbelievably low temperatures, and how they handle it is a lesson in survival like no other. The first thing you think about is fire but some situations don’t work that way.

For instance, we have a lady over on the next page who is living out of her RV, traveling the world, but as the video was being made had to buckle down for some snow and below freezing temperatures – in an uninsulated RV. Her story of survival in the cold is inspiring.

If a man (and woman) is nothing else, he is resourceful! Carolyn shows us how she makes do and what needs to be done when a situation reaches critical regarding weather in a survival situation!

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