Use This Incredible Formula to Remove a Tree Stump and Get it Done

tree stump with rings

Taking down a tree on a property is challenging — it's time-consuming and if you don't do it correctly it also can be dangerous. But then there's an even more challenging feat to deal with after the tree is down: the stump! As taxing as it is to get rid of a tree, now there's the issue of how to conquer a stubborn tree stump. It'll definitely test anyone's patience.

There are many different ways to get it done, and one technique may work better than another. However, this is one method that's worth a second look and doesn't involve fire and with that, potentially starting a fire. With all of the wildfires in California, in particular, this method may be better than most.

On the next page learn how to successfully get rid of a tree stump without accidentally starting a fire. This method seems to really be an effective way to remove a tree stump – why don't you try it out yourself to see why it may work well for you too!

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