An Extension Cord is Far From Being Useless Post-Collapse. Take Advantage of its Uses, Even Without Power:

extension chord

We've all been through it: just when we need a tool, something breaks down or the tool can't be found. While tools help us get a variety of tasks done, the job can go south pretty quick if we're relying too much on just tools and having the right gear.

Sometimes to get out of a hairy situation we must know how to improvise. This means finding a nearby object or material and hopefully in the process discovering an easy replacement for another tool that didn't get the job done. Having this skill is vital because during a collapse it could even save your life.

One item most of us will have during a collapse and that will be incredibly useful is an extension cord. Yes, they are used for charging things at a long distance, but they can do so much more. It's incredible how many uses there are for an extension cord and at least a couple of these uses could help us out later on.

After the break check out 8 genius survival uses for extension cords — know how to utilize this handy cord during the most challenging of survival situations!

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