7 Clever Ways to Utilize Cinder Blocks for Survival

cinder blocks

Even though many people who aren't preppers may take advantage of the world we're living in now, soon they'll have a large reality check when they're forced to improvise using the supplies they already have. During a collapse what may have been plentiful will be hard to come by.

Once item we should be taking advantage of and stockpiling to use post-collapse are cinder blocks. Today we can find them everywhere — playgrounds, back alleys, junk yards, and even at local garage sales. They're usually very inexpensive and easy to come by. In fact, they can be picked up at a local Lowes or Home Depot store.

Sure, this type of supply may not be top on your list. In fact, perhaps you've been guilty of trying to sell them at a garage sale. However, you may want to think twice before you get rid of more cinder blocks. Why is that? They have tons of survival uses!

After the page check out some inventive and practical ways to utilize cinder blocks. Post-collapse this heavy block of concrete will have plenty of uses, so learn what those uses are now!

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