(Video) He Presses Bubble Wrap Against the Window and the Reason Why He Does This is Genius

bubble wrap against window

It's true that for many of us winter means enjoying the holidays and going sledding on the weekends. However, that doesn't mean experiencing the frigid temps isn't a bit of a downer. What's more annoying than cold drafts of air inside a home and driveways that are slippery? Not a lot!

Luckily there are hacks we can try to help beat the cold. Luckily with a few sheets of bubble wrap keeping a home warm is possible, even though this hack may be too easy to be true.

Check out a video on the next page that shows us how to keep warm without spending a ton of money on extra heaters to warm up the house. It's nice that we can utilize household items to keep a home warm and toasty — we don't want to miss out on this clever hack.

Watch and learn how to easily combat the winter with these simple items by watching the video on the next page.

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