(Video) He Presses Bubble Wrap Against The Window. The Reason Why? This is a Clever Hack That Really Works!

bubble wrap against window

Going up against the winter doesn't have to be a big struggle. You can stay warm with a few household items. You won't even have to worry about paying extra money on the electric bills with these hacks. Check these helpful tips out.

It's pretty amazing how bubble wrap and even styrofoam tubing can do so much to keep your place warm. Looks like this winter is going to be a lot easier to handle thanks to these hacks! How will you stay warm this season?

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  1. Gunner Ylvisaker said:

    Read a book and buy the windows yourself for $100 each and install them. It takes less than an hour to do the hole window. Or talk to contractors that remodel houses, you can get very nice windows for free so they don’t have to pay for waste fees.

  2. Cory Doggett said:

    I refuse to click on articles that are titled like that. Fingernails on a chalkboard…. “he presses,” “she does this,” “he does that”. Gaaaaaaargh….

  3. Brian Johnson said:

    One nasty Winter, not only did I used bubble wrap, but also mylar sheets. Both were packing for parts I used for a product I worked on, I have been a Service Tech for 30 years. But the trick worked nicely.