(Video) Try This Clever Trick to Keep a Tent Warm During the Winter

tent in the snow

Dealing with cold temerpatures during the winter is a given, especially if you're bugging out in a climate that gets snow or frost. It can be challenging knowing how to handle the snow all the while trying to prep and prepare for a survival situation. However, it's something we must know how to deal with if we're going to carry on and prepare during the winter.

There's a way to cope with the cold temps and actually achieve a comfortable temperature during the winter thanks to the video on the next page. This clever trick can keep something as simple as a tent warm even though there may be snow or colder temps.

Staying comfortable during a bug out experience is preferred, but it's not always possible. But with techniques like this there's a way. Luckily setting up this warm tent is fairly easy if we follow the steps a fellow prepper recommends on the video.

After the break check out what you need to make a bug out camp or tent comfortable. Instead of being cold during the winter and perhaps forgoing the opportunity to bug out altogether, perhaps learning this technique will make bugging out enjoyable!

Check out the video after the break and find out an easier method to stay warm.

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  1. Sam Wyatt said:

    This is easy lol all you have to do is get a couple sheets of metal caulking screws and a woodstove with a pipe of course and plenty firewood lol

  2. Jay Ingram said:

    I’ll save everyone the trouble. The tent is warmed with a stove.
    How novel. Who would have ever thought a wood burning stove would provide heat?

  3. John Halpern said:

    New Invention using Wood Supported Fire to Heat. Will there be enough Carbon Monoxide to go around..?

  4. Tracy Shell said:

    If the page admin can’t fix that insidious pop-up about your “guide” I’m leaving the page…I can’t close it and can’t read the article because of it when on my phone…please?

  5. Mike Parke said:

    I can tell you 5mins in an ice storm that tent is done for. Found that out years ago while on a hunting trip. In a tent very simular to the tent shown. Imagine if you will a snuggled up in the old fart sack. Only to be awaken by strange tearing and rending sounds. Only to have the entire tent collapse upon you at about 2am.