(Video) How to Keep a Tent Warm, Even if it’s Freezing Cold Outside

tent in the snow

It's nice being comfortable and warm while bugging out as opposed to being super cold. Thankfully setting up a warm tent is safe and relatively easy to set up. Here's what this man's tent looks like on the outside. Let's find out how he manages to transform it into a warm tent on the inside!


At the beginning of the video this prepper demonstrates how to set up his stove inside the tent. While utilizing expansion metal he wedges it in his stove in between and in the process creating a layered affect for the fire. He recommends constructing a nice setup with cotton balls and tinder inside the stove. He also advises not to smother the fire so that it'll keep on burning.

He slowly feeds the fire while using some broken pieces of oak. His plan is for it to last a long time so that his tent will stay warm.

To discover what other techniques this man recommends using to keep his tent warm during the winter, head to the next page. Don't forget to stay tuned for the video — there are countless tips we can learn from this man's winter adventure.

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