(Video) How to Keep a Tent Warm, Even if it’s Freezing Cold Outside

tent in the snow

After he achieves his objective of keeping his tent warm he tells his audience that it's important to maintain fresh air. To do this make sure there's plenty of fresh air inside the tent before getting the wood stove going so that the smoke will be less.

Later, when he checks on his tent it's still nice and warm. He enjoys his nice cup of tea and a few other beverages. It's time to relax and enjoy!

He leaves open a window a quarter of the way and does not close off his tent — it's vital to have enough air flowing through the tent. Smoke can do bad things and no one wants to suffocate. He tells us that it's important to always have an avenue that brings in oxygen. Makes perfect sense. 😉

The next day it's pretty easy for him to warm up his tent again after he knocks off some of the snow that's resting on top of the tent. While he's only wearing short sleeves he boasts to his audience that his tent is perfect at 65 degrees!

To watch the proper steps on how to keep a tent warm and how to properly set everything up, watch the video after the break.

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