(Video) How to Keep a Tent Warm, Even if it’s Freezing Cold Outside

tent in the snow

Don't underestimate a simple task — this may seem easy but in reality it takes a lot of concentration and accuracy to get a tent just right. Watch as how this prepper feeds his fire, makes sure there is enough air flowing through his tent and makes a hot cup of tea. It's vital to complete all of these steps to maintain a hot tent!

As you can see, a great advantage to this handy trick is if you have any liquids that need heating up or food to cook, you can easily access a method to do this without a lot of extra prepping. Combined with a nice sleeping bag, this way to stay warm will make you forget it's freezing cold outside. Now you don't have to avoid bugging out during the winter — it's as simple as making your tent warm and keeping the elements outside at bay!

If you desire to try this you may want to try it in your backyard first, before heading out into the wild to bug out in the cold. You sure don't want to freeze if it doesn't work out well! Follow this man's lead and have a cozy warm tent that'll help you get through the hard nights during winter. Now it isn't so cold!