(Video) How to Keep a Tent Warm, Even if it’s Freezing Cold Outside

tent in the snow

Watch as this survivalist is determined to have a hot tent during the heart of winter. The good news is now that he has a teepee setup with his wood burning stove he can light it. He desires to keep his tent toasty warm and we think this just might do the trick!

As he continues to slowly feed the fire with small pieces of oak, we begin to see the fire take off. He's excited to see how long the fire lasts so he can enjoy other nice things such as make warm water for some tea.

As soon as he gets an updraft that moves toward the back of the tent, everything begins to warm up. He also continues to gradually add additional small pieces of oak. He also moves the stove back a little so he can control and draft and smoke, which is important.

Find out how his tent fares as he continues to work hard at keeping it warm after the break. This man also offers other pieces of advice as to how to keep a tent warm.

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