(Video) Try This Clever Trick to Keep a Tent Warm During the Winter

tent in the snow


  1. Sam Wyatt said:

    This is easy lol all you have to do is get a couple sheets of metal caulking screws and a woodstove with a pipe of course and plenty firewood lol

  2. Jay Ingram said:

    I’ll save everyone the trouble. The tent is warmed with a stove.
    How novel. Who would have ever thought a wood burning stove would provide heat?

  3. John Halpern said:

    New Invention using Wood Supported Fire to Heat. Will there be enough Carbon Monoxide to go around..?

  4. Tracy Shell said:

    If the page admin can’t fix that insidious pop-up about your “guide” I’m leaving the page…I can’t close it and can’t read the article because of it when on my phone…please?

  5. Mike Parke said:

    I can tell you 5mins in an ice storm that tent is done for. Found that out years ago while on a hunting trip. In a tent very simular to the tent shown. Imagine if you will a snuggled up in the old fart sack. Only to be awaken by strange tearing and rending sounds. Only to have the entire tent collapse upon you at about 2am.