Found in a Kitchen, This Miracle Working Substance Can Stop Bleeding


Consider a person who is going about their day as usual. They are working around their home, cutting up some vegetables when suddenly they look away and cut themselves by accident. There's a lot of blood and it isn't stopping – what should a person to do?

If it's not serious enough for a person to get professional medical attention (of course, it's always wise to consult a doctor if there's any doubt), it'd be nice to stop the bleeding and continue the day's activities.

Luckily there is a simple solution for the incessant bleeding wound that you can most likely find lying around in your kitchen. It's nice knowing there's something in a kitchen that can help with a wound, especially if it's during a collapse and all of the necessities are in a bug out cabin.

After the break learn about what ingredient can be found in a kitchen that can help stop a bleeding wound.

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  1. Deborah Witte said:

    I can tell you another is sugar! When I was a young girl I found an old razor blade in the alley behind my house it didn’t look sharp and I’d never seen one off its hinge so I ran it across my wrist !!! Wow the blood came rolling out ! I ran home my mom took the sugar bowl and poured it over my wrist immediately, and immediately it began to congeal ! When I was 9 my dad came home late and had been mugged , He had a terrible gash on his head and was bleeding heavily , my mom was not home , so I took the sugar bowl and emptied it on his head it worked again ! I probably saved his life! Oh he was intoxicated at the time! But the next morning he was not only hung over but mad as he’ll that he had sticky sugar stuck in his hair! Oh the good thing is that when I took his shoes off that night he had all his money in his shoe! Whoever mugged him didn’t get anything!

  2. Mark Varry said:

    Did the article happen to mention one of the side effects of pouring Cayenne pepper into a wound? Namely pain.

  3. Connor Landon Lewis said:

    Ah yes. Capsaicin does WONDERS at stopping bleeding. It’s a leading first aid item next to band aids and direct pressure from literally anything.

  4. Jeremy Nance said:

    I’m fuckin sick of all this fuckin next page click bait BS! Just tell us the damn story ALREADY if I want it to be drug out and damn near pointless I listen to the wife tell a story

  5. Jon Cobb said:

    There’s a few spices and substances that work well as clotting agents. But hey, if you want to torture yourself in the process, by all means. Use Cayenne pepper.

  6. Roy R. McAllister said:

    Yep this works I carry some cayenne pepper just for this reasons and it works very well it’s in my diy Med kit plus I’m extremely cold conditions you can take a small bit of it stirred into some hot water and it will actually heat your body from your core out allowing you to stay warm very useful