Don’t Throw Out Used Motor Oil Just Yet! Check Out 9 Clever Ways to Repurpose It

pouring motor oil

When it comes to motor oil many people don't realize that it a countless number of uses besides just using it for the obvious, which is for a car or law mower.

As survivalists we're constantly looking for additional ways to reuse supplies we already have, not only since it'll save us a lot of money, but this is something we'll have to do during a collapse!

Luckily motor oil is something you can reuse after it has been used for its intended purpose. That is right, used motor oil can be utilized for various tasks, many of them survival related!

When a survival scenario hits you will want all that you can to help you perform the tasks you need to get done and motor oil can help you with that! Learn about 9 clever ways to salvage used motor oil now and during a collapse after the break.

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