Don’t Throw Out That Used Motor Oil! Here Are 9 Clever Ways to Repurpose It

motor oil

Used oil sounds like something you need to get rid of but there has got to be a better way of either tossing it or reusing it. We prefer the latter suggestion and here are some things you might want to consider doing!

Read This BEFORE Reusing Motor Oil

While used motor oil is a common part of daily life, that does not mean it can be handled without precautions, and here are a few of them.

At a minimum, wear latex or rubber gloves. Aside from tiny bits of metal, reused motor oil also contains all kinds of chemicals that can cause rashes, dizziness, nausea, or other ailments if they get absorbed by your skin. It is best to use oil resistant gloves, or ones that are rated for use with a wide range of toxic chemicals.
Oil resistant garments – any kind of spill can allow oil to get through your clothing and into contact with your skin.
Oil resistant shoes or boots – make sure that the soles are also oil resistant.
Get a breathing mask or respirator that will filter out any harmful agents that might be found in the motor oil.

And finally, here’s how to use the motor oil instead of throwing it away:

wood deck

1. Mix with Creosote to Weatherize Wood

Even though many people have used plain motor oil to preserve wood over the years, it is best to mix it with some creosote in order to avoid dry rot. You will also find that used motor oil can make a very slick surface.

While this may be ok for fence posts, it can pose problems for floors or other areas where you need some traction.

old wooden post

2. Protect Wood From Insects and Animals

When people think about protecting wood from the elements, they are usually most concerned with water and dampness. Insects and animals can also wreak havoc on wood and cause it to be destroyed very quickly.

In particular, if you have a homestead or farm with horses or other large animals, they might want to chew on wooden posts or other objects. Motor oil mixed into creosote will create a taste these animals do not like; and thus deter them from chewing on the wood.

On the next page discover additional creative ways to use motor oil for a variety of survival projects. A few of these methods are sure to help you during a SHTF situation when warmth or light is needed. Head to the next page to find out how to use motor oil to help you make it through a collapse!

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  1. Kyle Ellis said:

    haven’t read the article yet but one way better be using it as fuel in a deuce in a half

  2. Jarrett Miller said:

    We used to roll it onto the wood beds of hay wagons. The rough sawn oak would soak it up like a sponge and it kept the wood preserved, repelled water, and kept away rot.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Then why does it say motor oil on the bottles that we see for sale in the stores ? Just saying .

  4. Brett Carlson said:

    Repurpose? What’s wrong with reusing it? Sounds just as stupid as vaca. Retards

  5. Steven Bevier said:

    Not to mention that you can mix it with a couple of commonly found items and have an improvised defense tool.

  6. Brad Kidd said:

    Helps get barnacles off of docks without messing up the wood too. My grandfather would cover them in old oil before scraping, and then treat the wood with more afterwards. Used it on the lift slips and boats too