Don’t Throw Out That Used Motor Oil! Here Are 9 Clever Ways to Repurpose It

motor oil

When it comes to motor oil we pretty much know where we stand. Sure, we know it can do a few things, mostly having to do with our car or lawn mower, but can it really do more than what it is typically used for?

The answer is simple. Yes, it can. And, what makes it better, is you can re-claim motor oil once it’s used for its initial purpose. That is right, used motor oil can be repurposed for wonderful things.

After the break, we encourage you to go to the next page and read up on nine (9) clever ways to salvage used motor oil!

When a SHTF scenario hits you will want to know what you can do with all that plentiful but used oil and we have all the information you will need to do just that. Go over and take a look!

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  1. Kyle Ellis said:

    haven’t read the article yet but one way better be using it as fuel in a deuce in a half

  2. Jarrett Miller said:

    We used to roll it onto the wood beds of hay wagons. The rough sawn oak would soak it up like a sponge and it kept the wood preserved, repelled water, and kept away rot.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Then why does it say motor oil on the bottles that we see for sale in the stores ? Just saying .

  4. Brett Carlson said:

    Repurpose? What’s wrong with reusing it? Sounds just as stupid as vaca. Retards

  5. Steven Bevier said:

    Not to mention that you can mix it with a couple of commonly found items and have an improvised defense tool.

  6. Brad Kidd said:

    Helps get barnacles off of docks without messing up the wood too. My grandfather would cover them in old oil before scraping, and then treat the wood with more afterwards. Used it on the lift slips and boats too

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