Learn How to Correctly Store Water for a Long Period of Time

storing water with bleach

When a disaster arrives, it's important for us not to have to worry about having enough portable stored water. Ideally we should already have enough stockpiled to get us through a survival situation without having to worry about our health. We need to have enough water and food so that won't even be an issue.

With about a gallon per day per person to plan for, it's important to adequately plan ahead when storing water and think about what type of survival situations could take place. Consider a variety of survival scenarios and do the math as to how much water you will need.

Having a plan ahead of time as to how much water is needed to store unfortunately comes with another problem, however. You need to figure out how to store that much water. There's the option of buying gallons and gallons of distilled water, but that gets expensive. Plus, don't forget you'll need to replace distilled water every so often as well.

A better method is to utilize tap water, however it's a bit tricky. Check out how to use tap water as a water source for survival scenario by watching the video on the next page.

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