(Video) Man Takes Out a 9-Volt Battery and When We See What He Does We’re Blown Away By This Amazing Survival Hack!!

9 Volt battery

If a person has been preparing for a collapse for a while now, it's likely they already have a 9-volt battery or many stockpiled. Many of us already know how to take advantage of this handy battery by combining it with steel wool. Create a fire during an emergency or while a prepper is bugging out and it's also handy to have in a bug out bag for future disasters.

A man demonstrates another incredible survival hack utilizing a 9-volt battery that can be used for more than starting a fire and you can watch it step by step on the video.

Before we watch the video, you may want to consider gathering supplies if you'd like to try it at the same time. You'll need aluminum foil and wire cutters. This amazing project will make it simple to power on just about any type of electronic device during a power outage. If you don't have access to electricity for an extended period of time, this could really help you out.

To find out how to use a 9-volt battery to power up devices during an emergency check out the video on the next page. I was honestly blown away by this handy survival hack!

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