(Video) A Clever Way on How to Insulate a Tent for Cold Weather

insulated tent

Even while camping, spending the night in the wild when it's cold outside can be challenging. Facing a survival situation when it's chilly can be at best very inconvenient and at worst deadly, unless we are prepared for the worst and know what to do to stay alive.

Keeping warm, however, except in very cold conditions is a lot easier if we use our surroundings to insulate a tent.

The camper on the video after the break utilizes a tarp to separate his tent from the ground and then leaves to insulate the bottom part of his tent, but this method would also work well with any insulating substance. This includes using evergreen bows as insulation or a base and even snow during an emergency.

After the break watch this man's step by step process on how he keeps his tent insulated using the natural surroundings. When it's cold and the wind is whipping around everything sometimes the elements are what we need to stay warm!

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