(Video) Impressive Hacks for Life and Survival to Learn Before a Disaster Happens

stapling a shoe

There are a lot of hacks out there that are pretty easy to learn. Many of them can be completed by utilizing just a few supplies that are already in the house. Many of these supplies can take care of a problem as opposed to going out and buying something else that may not even work.

There are so many survival related hacks we should be taking advantage of.  Yes, it true that not all of them work well or there is a better solution to the problem, but when you encounter one that really does work it's fun sharing the trick with your friends and family members.

The video after the break is a great example of some of the easier hacks out there that even if you haven't heard of them, afterward you will realize how useful they can be. The good news is most of these hacks can be done almost anywhere — your bedroom, kitchen, garage, or even while bugging out!

After the break learn how you prevent your shoes from slipping in the snow or stop your cell phone screen from being scratched. These simple hacks may seem just that — simple — but during a disaster you'll be glad you know them.

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