You’ll be in Shock to Discover What Rubbing Your Windshield with Steel Wool Can Do! I Still Can’t Believe It!

using steel wool on your windshield

When It Comes To SHTF, Some Things Are All Time Consuming. Not THIS. Save Time And Learn A Clever Trick That You Can Show Off To Your Prepper Friends!

Okay, steel wool on a windshield is a horrible idea. That's what everybody with common sense knows without a doubt. But keep an open mind and you'll find that that is not exactly correct.

Using superfine steel wool is actually a well-known windshield-cleaning trick among car detailers, and it makes their lives a lot easier because it works.

Their time is valuable, because the faster they can get done polishing the dead bugs from your window, the faster they can get moving on to the next vehicle, and the more money they can make.

So keeping that in mind, isn't your time valuable, too?

Learning how the pros do things is a great way to save time and to greatly reduce stress in your life. So how can you use steel wool to get your car windows to the ultimate clarity and shine?

Check out the video on the next page to learn this cool trick yourself.

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  1. David Potter said:

    i drove over a million miles using rainx. wouldnt drive without it.

  2. Arron Powell said:

    This is a trick used in auto detailing for years and works great for removing over spray

  3. Arron Powell said:

    Try an sos pad in chrome its its the shiznit grew up using it in detail shop. It makes the chrom look new and bead water like its new

  4. Stephen Hurst said:

    Brass wool will clean glass without the risk of scratching it up like steel wool will

  5. Charles Spidell said:

    I know you need to be very careful or you’ll scratch the crap out of your windshield and windows.

  6. Jeff Hand said:

    I’ve used “0000” fine steel wool for years on all the chrome on my drum hardware. Nothing works better! I’ve also used it to clean my headlight lenses.

  7. Codi Duda said:

    Car dealers use steel wool it has to be fine but it how you get a nice smudge free window

  8. Mike Pierce said:

    Yeah I did it to mine it work just fine steel wool not a SOS pad lol

  9. Barry Richard Buchter said:

    Gun-deals actually a really fine grit sandpaper and Polish compound takes scratches out of a windshield

  10. Joe Sposato said:

    This used to work when windshields were solid glass, they are mostly plastic now and steel wool eats them up, lol

  11. Heath Lear said:

    People are just so damn smart today….everybody on twtter and the such or stuck in their video games…. whats real life…history….

  12. Jake Smith said:

    Okay, steel wool on a windshield is a horrible idea. That’s what everybody with common sense knows without a doubt. But keep an open mind and you’ll find that that is not exactly correct

    I work in a body shop and we use steel wool everyday on windshields to remove overspray and bugs.

  13. Doug White said:

    I worked on the glass line of a window manufacturer if we had dirt on the glass we would spray it with rubbing alcohol to clean…cleans great with no streaks…I use to clean auto windows inside and out…

  14. Steve Labiche said:

    The steel wool doesn’t scratch but the dirt can. That is why it scratches when dry. When wet the dirt is lubricated and doesn’t scratch.

  15. Jeff Morris said:

    Always use a mop first to get any loose dirt off, the rest of the stuff is usually bug gunk. Its never a good idea to push around any dirt. If you drop the wool on the ground you get another piece of wool.

  16. Scott Johnson said:

    Yaaaaaa it’s great , makes it look groovy when the lights of opposing traffic interacts with the scratches.

  17. Chris Webb said:

    Owned a detail shop for a long g time ..every window was cleaned with steel wool …works amazing ….try it before you knock it

  18. Wade Bentley said:

    Hmmm. Can’t scratch Glass.,?
    ..If glass is harder than steal, why does a no blade dull$#%&[email protected]*windshield wiper ruin a windshield so quick with scratches.?

    Your science is beyond simple common sense and reality.

    A scour sponge, not steal wool.

  19. Bob Griffin said:

    It does work, but use 0000 steel wool. It’s fine and didn’t scratch the windows

  20. John Orr said:

    Been using it for 25 years cleaning overspray off glass. At bodyshops I have worked at

  21. Casey Smith said:

    Worth it, especially since most insurance companies repair or replace glass for free. Rain x is great!