You’ll be in Shock to Discover What Rubbing Your Windshield with Steel Wool Can Do! I Still Can’t Believe It!

using steel wool on your windshield

When It Comes To SHTF, Some Things Are All Time Consuming. Not THIS. Save Time And Learn A Clever Trick That You Can Show Off To Your Prepper Friends!

Okay, steel wool on a windshield is a horrible idea. That's what everybody with common sense knows without a doubt. But keep an open mind and you'll find that that is not exactly correct.

Using superfine steel wool is actually a well-known windshield-cleaning trick among car detailers, and it makes their lives a lot easier because it works.

Their time is valuable, because the faster they can get done polishing the dead bugs from your window, the faster they can get moving on to the next vehicle, and the more money they can make.

So keeping that in mind, isn't your time valuable, too?

Learning how the pros do things is a great way to save time and to greatly reduce stress in your life. So how can you use steel wool to get your car windows to the ultimate clarity and shine?

Check out the video on the next page to learn this cool trick yourself.

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  1. Jimmy Dempsey said:

    If there’s no overspray, I’d bet the coverage sucks. I’d hate to see it water sanded or buffed to slick shine.

  2. Scott Murphy said:

    Some of the comments are funny. I might be the only one commenting that actually works at a glass factory forOver 21 years. No it’s not a liquid. I have never seen anyone clean up glass with a mop. There is a little more that goes in it than sand.

  3. Steve Yang said:

    PSA!!! don’t do what i did and use a scotch brite / brillo pad… THEY WILL SCRATCH! steel wool works…

  4. Mark Mason said:

    Yup. Been using steel wool on my windshields for a long time

  5. Mike Rowe said:

    I would not even try this and yea what does that have to do with die hard survivor don’t get it!!!!

  6. Robby Gray said:

    So I guess these vehicles forgot their air filters during this time or what?? Not sure how slivers of any size that can damage cylinder walls, pistons or heads can make it past a properly installed air filter… I mean that is its design to filter the air coming into the engine…

  7. Chris Nichols said:

    Right thru the air filter.
    Silica (glass) scratch tests at about 5.5 – 6.5, as were steel scratch tests as about 5.

  8. Jason Schattner said:

    Car dealers use news paper to clean windows .
    ( I know them and my mom use to work at a car dealership )

  9. Bill Kishbaugh said:

    Also leaves a million micro scratches u wont see till light hits it just right then u cant see s**t

  10. Dale Grundell said:

    Been doing it for 30 yrs. Use 0000 grade and wash very well. Steel wool rusts and can ruin your paint job over time if not washed well.

  11. Theron James Pritchard said:

    Guess ppl are not as smart as they said. I’ve read about that eruption, and I was down wind about 100 miles east of Saint Helens when she blew. They didn’t make filters then like they do today. Even then$#%&!@*still leaks. They must not off-road in sandy conditions ?

  12. Jeramie Walker said:

    Haven’t worked in a body shop since early 2008. But when I was in a shop. I was the detail dept head at Hoffmantown Body Shop in Albuquerque.

  13. John Kennedy said:

    My mistake Mr. Walker, the way your signature line was laid out, it appears you were still with them. Again, my apologies

  14. Jeremy Bryan said:

    Yeah you right, the coverage suck gtfoh, y’all need to go back macco with that rookie bullshit lmao

  15. Jeramie Walker said:

    Jeremy Bryan, I realized long ago that I needed more challenging work than what the auto body world had to offer. And for you to say that you’ve never had overspray on anything, is an outright lie bud. No if, ands, or buts, about it.. it’s a lie.

  16. Jeramie Walker said:

    All cars I’ve wet sanded, buffed and removed a little overspray here and there.. bro go blow hard somewhere else.

  17. Matthew Gaboury said:

    There are way too many people named Jeremy/Jeramie in this thread… Get back to painting, ladies – high school is over. Drama class is canceled.

  18. Albert Scott said:

    I’m sure it does work but as an auto glass technician rain X is a bad idea. I know from experience that if you happen to get a rock chip it can not be repaired if the windshield has been treated or if you use rain x wipers.

  19. Robin Burkhardt said:

    I use 40 grit on my orbital sander…works faster and a better end product.. ( Gads, I hope everybody realizes this is a gag? )

  20. Bobby Miller said:

    Damn it I just tried that ^ with my hammer I sneezed n busted my windshield$#%&!@*

  21. Chris Coates said:

    Bobby Miller haha, yeah, hitting the windshield will bust it, but it won’t scratch it.

  22. said:

    I hear tell sandpaper works in a pinch, ifin you don’t have no steel wool and alcihall.

  23. Jonathan Neu said:

    Throw a spark plug chunk right at the dirt clod on the windshield.
    Technically it should get it clean by the frequency .

  24. Dennis Roe said:

    I’ve done this, it really works. Keep the steel wool, window cleaner& rain x in trunk.

  25. Brian Jackson said:

    Refinishing furniture using polyurethane steel wool is the final step. Never used the on glass though.