Why The UN Believes the US is Headed Toward Another Civil Conflict

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Around the globe we encounter many countries of different sizes with a variety of people who have different standards of living. While some nations contain a more homogenized population, others consist of a melting pot of a diverse type of people.

We can agree that the United Stations is a melting pot and the diversity has made it one of the most powerful and prosperous nations in the nation. Due to the diversity people have come from far and wide to pursue both their freedom and dreams.

Unfortunately in the light of recent events, US citizens are not the only ones who are worries about the future of their country. Usually, the U.S. is one of the leading countries in the United Stations, however, the UN has developed reservations as to how the nation will continue to move forward. They are concerned that the government may not be able to control and influence its people like it has and that could lead to civil conflict.

After the break learn why the UN is concerned about some of the changes in the U.S. and how how their reaction is being received.

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  1. Ryan Kreger said:

    Robert Paine was it stupid of the north fighting the south? its along the same lines. there will be those who fight for freedoms against those opposing freedoms like free speech.

  2. Jim McIntyre said:

    They may not be far off point …
    The question is what Nation(s) may take the opportunity to throw themselves into the mix ?

  3. Daniel Duck said:

    I’ve thought about the whole insurrection thing as well as an outside entity trying to intervene myself Jim

  4. John Wantz said:

    If an insurrection happened, you can be sure a foreign entity would get involved, like France in our revolution or England in the Civil War. My bet would be on Russia, because it would suit their interests to be able to internally exert control here. I wouldn’t turn my back on Mexico, China or Japan, either.