If a Person Sees Any of These Signs It’s Time to Bug Out


Preparing for a disaster is important — it's vital to have a bug out bag, bug out location, and plan in place for friends and family in the event a disaster should take place. Being ready is one thing, but how do we know when it's time to bug out for reals?

Recently Hawaii had a wake-up call when a worker accidentally transmitted a cell phone message to the residents, making everyone think that a missile was going to hit the state. If this event would have happened for real, the likelihood of people surviving would have been slim. But it did get people to thinking — how do you know when it's time to bug out for a survival scenario?

Sometimes the signs are apparent, such as if there's an attack on our nation or a natural disaster happens. We know that we must get out of dodge ASAP. But if the signs aren't as clear, and by the time we leave the area, it's too late?

Check out some signs to keep an eye out for so you'll know when it's time to bug out. Some of these signs make sense whereas others will surprise you!

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  1. Daniel Duck said:

    Ya know that little pop up ad that won’t let me read the article…. your about to get blocked assholes

  2. Benni Lee said:

    Hey if you are or you know the person that runs diehard survivor I should tell them or you should do away with that shitty pocket survival guide ad

  3. Leon McDaniel said:

    I was about to say the same thing. Prepped Survivalist: STOP SENDING POSTS TO ME!

  4. Billy Payne said:

    If you wait until you see most of the signs it’s going to be too late anyway .

  5. John Gonyea said:

    The time is now. Get out of the city. Rural America is loving and pleasant. You will love your life and bugging out won’t be a concern because you are already bugged out!

  6. Serenity Mcbride said:

    I’m waiting for the government shut down something’s are going to be shut off and not be the same when they come back online

  7. Cory Brown said:

    Can’t read the article because your pop-up won’t stay out of the way

  8. John Tracy said:

    Basically, if the world appears to be ending, its time to bug out. The only thing they left out is if you see zombies eating people, then its time to bug out.

  9. Cory Brown said:

    John Tracy , but if the world is ending where are you going to bug out to?

  10. John Tracy said:

    Cory Brown No where else but a hole in the ground. Reminds me of this, “And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.”